Levenhuk D320L PLUS 3.1M Digital Monocular Microscope


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Advanced laboratory microscopes

Magnification in a range from 40x to 1600x allows for delivering a sharp image of extremely small and complicated structures. A pointer in wide-angle WF10x and WF16x eyepieces helps to hold the attention on any details of the microscope slides for a long time.

Illumination system with 10-hour autonomous work

LED lighting with 0.75W power allows for achieving the effect of natural lighting. They are powered by an AC supply as well as by rechargeable batteries. The kit includes three light filters for changing the contrast and color temperature of the illumination.

Digital capabilities for demanding customers

A digital model in this series features a pre-installed 3.1M camera for high quality images and video recording. A camera can be connected to a PC or external screen. The quality of the recording is suitable for broadcasting and creating digital and printed archives.


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