Levenhuk DTX 700 LCD Digital Microscope

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Levenhuk Rainbow DM700 LCD Digital Microscope
Remote controlled. Magnification: 10–200 (digital), 10–50 (optical)

Levenhuk Rainbow DM700 LCD is a digital microscope with a large LCD screen. This microscope can be used for studying textiles, insects, coins and banknotes, flora samples as well as machinery and electronics. The microscope allows you to record videos and capture images in high resolution, and you can use a wireless remote control for controlling the device.

The microscope magnification varies from 10 to 200 times, and the optical magnification is from 10 to 50 times. The image from the objective is displayed on the built-in 7-inch color screen. The image is sharp and easy-to-read. There are control buttons under the screen; they are also duplicated on the remote control. With the help of the remote control, you can adjust the lighting brightness, choose suitable magnification for observations, capture images, record videos, and much more.

The microscope stage is illuminated from top and bottom. That allows you to examine samples of any degree of transparency. Metal clips are used for fixating microscope slides. A small set of ready-to-use specimens is included in the kit.

You should pay special attention to the digital capabilities of the device. You can capture high-resolution images and videos. It is up to 12Mpx for images and Full HD for videos. Data is recorded on a memory card (purchased separately).

Rotatable large 7'' color LCD screen
Image quality: 12Mpx, video quality: Full HD
Combined LED light with brightness adjustment
The kit includes ready-to-use microscope slides
The wireless remote control provides access to many microscope options

The kit includes:
Microscope with an LCD screen
Stage with clips and blank slides
Infrared remote control
Ready-to-use microscope slides:
- Locust wing
- Honeybee wing
- Honeybee leg
- Laver
- Pine tree stem
- Carnation stem
- Canary feather
- Cow hair
- Goldfish scale
- Potato starch
- Corn stem
- Onion epidermis
Power cable
Network adapter
User manual and lifetime warranty

Head: 7'' rotatable color LCD screen
Optics material: optical glass
Magnification, x: 10–200
Stage, mm: 120x180, with clips
Stage moving range, using focusing mechanism, mm: 83x43
Focus: coarse (90 mm)
Body: plastic
Backlight: LED
Brightness adjustment: yes
Power source: illumination and LCD screen: 110–220 V; 5 V, 1 A via a USB cable (included); remote control: AAA battery - 2 pcs. (not included)
Operating temperature range, °C: –20…+70; °F: –4…158
Additionally: for beginners; illumination location: combined; research method: bright field; an experiment kit included
Megapixels: sensor: 2; image: 12
Sensor: 1/2.9'' CMOS
Pixel size, µm: 2.8
Sensitivity, v/lux.sec@550 nm: 3.8
Video recording: yes
Image format: *.jpeg
Spectral range, nm: 410–1100
White balance: manual
Exposure control: manual
System requirements: not intended for connecting to a computer
Usage: General use product. May be used by kids over 3 years old.
Assembly and setup: simple
Video format: *.avi
Application: for applied research
Maximum resolution: image: 4032x3024 pixels; video: 1080 FHD 1920x1080 pixels


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