Levenhuk FS10 Floating Strap for Binoculars and Cameras

Levenhuk USA

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Levenhuk FS10 Floating Strap for Binoculars and Cameras
Textile floating strap for binoculars and cameras. Length: 110cm

Levenhuk FS10 Floating Strap for binoculars and cameras is an essential accessory for nature enthusiasts and fans of fishing, hunting or boating. Using this strap, you do not have to worry about the safety of your binoculars or your camera even near a deep pond or a rapid river. If your optical device suddenly slips into the water, the floating strap will not let it sink and you will be able to get it out immediately.

The long and wide strap is very comfortable to wear on your shoulder. Made of durable synthetic fabric, it will serve you for years. The Levenhuk FS10 Floating Strap length is 110cm (adjustable) and width is 4.5cm, so it's convenient for children as well as adults.

Material: textile/synthetics
Length, cm: 110
Width, cm: 4,5

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