Levenhuk N10 NG Prepared Slides Set

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Levenhuk N10 NG Prepared Slides Set
Also includes additional blank slides and cover glasses. Scientific field: zoology

With Levenhuk N10 NG Prepared Slides you can start you observations right away – you don't have to spend much time preparing slides. Just imagine – first, you have to cut a thin slice off the sample; second, you have to place the slice on the slide and cover it – and it's not that simple – you have to be very careful and precise in order to keep the sample unbroken. So to relieve you of the hassle of preparing samples we suggest you buy this special kit that contains everything you need for your observation.

In case you like the process and feel that you are ready to create your own slides, several blank slides with cover glasses are included in the experimental kit. These prepared slides can be used with a microscope of any brand and model.

The experiment kit includes:
1.  Bird feathers
2.  Cat fur
3.  Dog fur
4.  Fish fin
5.  Ant
6.  Butterfly wing
7.  Fly head
8.  Bee jaws
9.  Bee wing
10.  Mosquito leg

12 blank slides and 20 cover glasses are also included in the kit.

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