Levenhuk Ra 2" ED 35mm Eyepiece

Levenhuk USA

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Levenhuk Ra 2" ED 35mm Eyepiece
Long focal length eyepiece. Focal length: 35mm

Levenhuk Ra 2" ED 35mm Eyepiece is a parfocal eyepiece. Its main advantage is long focal length of 1.4 inches. The eyepiece's optics are fully multi-coated and made of ED glass. The lenses' edges have blackening that provide high-quality clear views of regular or even very bright objects.

This model has a light weight due to an aluminum shell. Despite its 2'' barrel diameter, you can attach the eyepiece not only to 2'' barrel diameter focusers but also to those with a barrel diameter of 2'' using a 2'' to 1.25'' adapter.

Focal length, in: 1.4
Barrel diameter: 2"
Apparent field of view, °: 68
Optical design: 6 elements, fully multi-coated
Shell: aluminum

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