Levenhuk Rainbow 2L PLUS Lime Microscope

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Levenhuk Rainbow 2L PLUS Lime Microscope
High-quality, reliable and stylish biological microscope with an experiment kit. Experiment kit included. Magnification: 64–640x.

Spark your child's interest in science with Levenhuk Rainbow 2L PLUS Lime Microscope! It will assist in easily understanding all the biology material at school, as well as in conducting independent experiments and research. Due to its high-quality optics and reliable design, the microscope is also suitable for experienced users; for example, biology students or laboratory technicians. This stylish and colorful microscope would make a wonderful gift for any microcosm enthusiast!

The multi-coated optics are made of high-quality glass – the microscope creates bright and contrast images of observed samples.

The instrument comes with three objectives producing 64–640x magnification. The 40x lens (with the highest magnification power) is equipped with a special spring mechanism protecting the optics from damage. If you lower the lens too much and it touches the coverslip, the mechanism will push in and the lens and the slide will remain intact.

Combined illumination allows for observing transparent, semi-transparent, and opaque objects. Lower illumination is used for observing transparent samples in transmitted light (onion cells, infusorians, etc.). Upper illumination is required when viewing opaque objects. In reflected light you can detect the tiniest scratches on coins or observe paper money fiber. When you use both upper and lower illumination together, you can observe semi-transparent objects. The LED illumination has a variable brightness control to achieve the best viewing results with each sample.

Body design and power supply
The body is made of durable metal – the microscope is highly reliable. The model is suitable for intensive use in colleges and medical laboratories. The convenient monocular head is inclined at 45 degrees and rotates 360 degrees around its axis. It is especially convenient when working in a group – point the head in the desired direction instead of moving the whole microscope.

Experiment kit
Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit includes ready-to-use samples, special tools for working with micro objects, and a detailed user guide. After reading this informative guide, you will know all about this microscope and its use; it also contains information about the best objects for your first observations and experiment descriptions.

The kit includes:
Objectives: 4x, 10x and 40xs
Eyepiece: WF16x
Stage with clips
Diaphragm disk
Built-in upper and lower LED illuminations
AC adapter and 3 AA batteries
Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit
User manual and lifetime warranty

Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit includes:
"Attractive Microscope. Scrutinizing the Microcosm" User Guide
Microscope tools: forceps, dropper, microtome
Hatchery for Artemia (brine shrimp, or sea-monkeys)
Flasks with yeast, pitch, sea salt and with brine shrimp
5 ready-to-use specimens and 5 blank slides
Dust cover

Head: monocular, rotatable 360°, inclined 45°
Optics material: optical glass
Magnification, x: 64–640
Eyepiece tube diameter, mm: 23.2
Eyepieces: WF16x
Objectives: 4?, 10?, 40?s (spring)
Revolving nosepiece: 3 objectives
Stage, mm: 90x90, with clips
Stage moving range, using focusing mechanism, mm: 0–8, vertical
Condenser: NA 0.65
Diaphragm: diaphragm disk (6 apertures)
Focus: coarse
Body material: metal
Illumination: LED, with adjustable brightness
Power supply: 110 V/50 Hz or 3 AA batteries

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