Levenhuk Rainbow WF10x Eyepiece

Levenhuk USA

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Levenhuk Rainbow WF10x Eyepiece
Universal wide field microscope eyepiece

Levenhuk Rainbow WF10x Eyepiece suits any microscope regardless of the brand or model. It produces 10x magnification power and significantly expands the capability of an optical instrument. There is one doubtless advantage that this eyepiece has over other eyepieces with similar magnification power – its wide field of view. Levenhuk Rainbow WF10x will show you a larger area of the observed sample and make the image bigger. The eyepiece lenses are made of high-quality glass – you’ll see all, even the tiniest, details of the studied specimen.

Note that the eyepiece has a 23.2 mm (0.913") barrel diameter. Levenhuk Rainbow WF10x Eyepiece is suitable for all microscopes that have the same eyepiece tube diameter.

Optics material: optical glass
Magnification, x: 10
Field of view, mm: 15
Barrel diameter, in: 0.913
Usage: General use product.May be used by kids over 3 years old.

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