Levenhuk Rainbow WF16x Eyepiece

Levenhuk USA

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Levenhuk Rainbow WF16x Eyepiece
Universal wide field microscope eyepiece

Levenhuk Rainbow WF16x Eyepiece is a wonderful and useful accessory for a microscope. Its powerful 16x magnification and high-quality optics ensure observing the samples in detail and provide a crisp and sharp image.

Instead of acquiring a new optical device, try purchasing one accessory. Levenhuk Rainbow WF16x Eyepiece is perfect for any microscope with the eyepiece’s barrel diameter of 23.2 mm (0.913"). Thanks to a wide field of view, observations will be convenient.

Optics material: optical glass
Magnification, x: 16
Field of view, mm: 10
Barrel diameter, in: 0.913
Usage: General use product. May be used by kids over 3 years old.

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