Levenhuk Skyline BASE 100S Telescope

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Levenhuk Skyline BASE 100S Telescope
Newtonian reflector. Aperture: 102mm. Focal length: 700mm

Levenhuk Skyline BASE 100S Telescope is designed for studying the depths of space! Its optical capabilities allow observing all Messier objects, including nebulae, double stars, galaxies, globular and open clusters, and more. It will also show you the brightest NGC objects, planets of the Solar system, and the Moon. This universal telescope is extremely good for observing deep sky. This simple-to-operate reflector is designed for beginner astronomers and comes with all necessary accessories.

You do not need to read a user manual or guide books to point a telescope to the desired object. An alt-azimuth mount is not more complicated than an ordinary tripod. You only need to point the optical tube to the desired area in the sky, check the image with a 5x optical finderscope and adjust sharpness, and the beauties of space are in front of you! Operating is so easy that even a kid can handle it.

An aluminum tripod adds to stability of the telescope. The tripod is lightweight, durable, and reliable. You can install it even on rough surfaces: each leg is adjusted individually. There is an accessory tray where you can put eyepieces, a compass, star charts, and other small items. Two eyepieces are included in the kit. One eyepiece is used for achieving small magnification (35x), the other one features significant 175x magnification.

Classic refractor on an alt-azimuth mount
Useful and simple operation makes the telescope suitable for beginners
An optimal choice for exploring deep-sky objects: observe all Messier objects and the brightest NGC objects
You can observe the Solar system planets and the Moon
The kit includes eyepieces that show all telescope capabilities

The kit includes:
Telescope optical tube
Alt-azimuth mount
Aluminum tripod with an accessory tray
5x24 optical finder scope
SR4mm (175x) eyepiece
H20mm (35x) eyepiece
User manual and lifetime warranty

Optical design: reflector
Objective lens: Newtonian
Primary mirror diameter (aperture), mm: 102
Focal length, mm: 700
Highest practical power, x: 204
Focal ratio: f/7
Eyepieces: SR4mm (175?), H20mm (35?)
Eyepiece barrel diameter: 1.25
Finderscope: optical, 5x24
Tripod: aluminum
Telescope control: manual
Mount: alt-azimuth AZ2
Additionally: accessory tray, simple assembly and setup, observed objects: deep-sky objects
Optical tube material: aluminum
Usage: General use product. May be used by kids over 3 years old.

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