Levenhuk Star Sky Z10 Umbrella

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Levenhuk Star Sky Z10 Umbrella
Stick umbrella with an astronomy print. Semi-automatic. The dome size: 102 cm

The Levenhuk Star Sky Z10 Umbrella will not only protect you from the rain, but also show your interest in astronomy. The inner side of the dome has a print with stars and constellations that will stay visible even in a severe storm. Space will be close to you even on a bad weather day!

The dome is made of single-layer pongee fabric. This fabric repels water and prevents its accumulation on the surface. Raindrops quickly roll off the dome, neither soaking into nor leaving marks or spots. The dome is attached to a durable aluminum frame and ribs made of fiberglass and steel. The umbrella features a durable and reliable mechanism. A curved handle is made of wood. The umbrella features classic stick design with automatic opening.

The Levenhuk Star Sky Z10 Umbrella is designed for those who are in love with space!

Design: stick umbrella
Mechanism: semi-automatic (automatic opening)
Ribs: 8
Rib length, cm: 58.4
Dome size, cm: 102
Dome material: pongee (1 layer)
Main color: black (outside)
Additional color: astronomy print (inside)
Print: digital screening
Ribs material: long ribs: glass fiber; short ribs: steel
Ribs color: long ribs: white
Core rod material: aluminum, 14 mm (4 in)
Handle material: wood
Handle type: crook

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